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IC Markets is committed to making online trading easier and improving the investment experience for our clients in the financial markets.

TradingView FAQs

Opening a TradingView account is simple! Visit TradingView to open a free or subscription-based account today.

You can only trade on TradingView with our cTrader Raw Account.

You can transfer funds from your Secure Client Area to your TradingView account. You can find more information on funding and withdrawals here.

Yes, you can! You can trade with a Demo account while your live application is pending.

You can open a Demo TradingView account in your Secure Client Area or on TradingView. Once you have logged into TradingView, you can connect using the Trading Panel, just as you would with your live account.

Currently, only one account type is available. We are continuously improving our services to ensure that you have access to all available options.

If you are an existing cTrader user, you can access your positions and continue trading as usual. The integration with TradingView will not affect your pre-existing cTrader account.

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